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Why "Renew"
According to the dictionary, to renew means to bring back to an original condition of freshness and vigor:  Our goal as Renew HR is to engage your workforce, innovate your solutions and transform your tomorrow.
Renew HR is a company with big goals. We aim to be the fulcrum upon which you can rebuild your HR solution, renovate your employee relationships, and become the organization you always knew you could be. As Aristotle once said, with a long enough lever I can move the world.  You are that lever, so lean on us to renew your HR, and move the world!
Each of our founding partners have, on average, a couple of decades of experience in HR and technology with a multitude of client experiences both at home and across the globe.
Start your latest HR journey today.  It’s time to renew.

SAP Service Partner

Renew HR is a proud partner in the SAP PartnerEdge for service. As an SAP partner, we provide strategic business consulting to our customers through the design, development, implementation, and integration of SAP solutions.

Our consultants are trained and certified to properly serve and address your every HR need.




Strategic Implementation Pre-Planning (SIPP)

SuccessFactors has been a refreshing change for all those millions of customers who were always looking for a simple, nimble, flexible, user friendly and innovative solution. Unlike ERPs which cater to a certain segment of customers, SuccessFactors addresses all companies across all industries, all geographies and of all sizes.

SuccessFactors is not customizable like on premise software’s were but it is configurable to meet even the most challenging of client business requirements. SAP’s Activate methodology is agile yet rigorous to ensure that projects are well-planned and executed, leading to a successful deployment with considerable short term and long-term benefits.

We always look at every SuccessFactors Implementation as an Organizational Transformation process by which an organization evolves its services and processes for the entire organization. However, true transformation is only possible if there is transformation and alignment of all possible areas of the HR organization. This is precisely the reason why we have created a diagram to show which aspects are required for a true transformation

Renew HR’s “Strategic Implementation Pre-Planning (SIPP)” borrows heavily from organizations “HCM Health Check” results to understand the current organizational situation and takes valuable input from the organizations forward thinking futuristic approach identified through “Design Thinking” . If your organization has not done a “HCM Health Check” before the decision to implement SuccessFactors, we strongly recommend that you do it right now if that is possible.

“Strategic Implementation Pre-Planning” or SIPP helps in solving a lot of implementation related problems beforehand which has the potential to become possible bottlenecks during the implementation. In the days of ERPs the project duration were much longer, hence project teams had a lot of time during the implementation itself to do stake holder alignment, process standardization, organizational goal alignments, data strategy, interface design, service delivery strategy, analytics strategy etc. but the quicker pace at which SuccessFactors solutions are implemented these days does not give the client the option to do these activities during the implementation anymore.

“In a nut-shell SIPP helps you to take certain decisions much before the SuccessFactors Implementation process starts, which will enable you to bring true transformation to your HR organization and will provide a platform to ensure the success of the SuccessFactors deployment”

Organizational Change Management (OCM)

Gartner studies indicate that 70 percent of IT implementations fail, and cloud migration assessments indicate that overcoming an organization’s cultural barriers is a frequent challenge. But there’s a difference between knowing you have to change and knowing how to make the change. That is why we at Renew HR’s Organizational Change Management Consulting for SuccessFactors is uniquely able to combine HR Advisory services, our in-depth HR knowledge, ERP HCM and SuccessFactors implementation expertise and experience with end-user environment to understand the way people and teams work to help organizations adapt to and adopt SuccessFactors.

One must also understand that SuccessFactors isn’t a turnkey solution. Rather, just like any other software on premise or in the cloud it demands process and talent framework, data migration, integration, testing, training and support, even though the nature of many of these are very different in the cloud than it was in the on premise software.

Our change management plan enables HR to secure stakeholders’ buy-in, and clarify everybody’s roles and responsibilities throughout the change process —from the SuccessFactors implementation, to its adoption and beyond. The change management and communication plan helps HR leaders to keep employees informed from the start, show them how their jobs will change and help them develop the skills they need to use on the new system.

As discussed earlier the approach that you take depends on various factors and something what has worked for one company in a different situation may or may not work for you. The approach that we recommend is something that is inter connected with SAP’s Activate methodology for SuccessFactors implementation, this helps in having an integrated plan for both Change Management as well as SuccessFactors Implementation.


Process Standardization

Business processes have an interesting relationship with software. Much before ERP software’s like SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle etc. became popular and household name, most of the larger organizations used to have their processes developed for themselves by their respective IT departments.

The concept of Business process reengineering (BPR) was first introduced in the late Michael Hammer’s 1990 Harvard Business Review article and received increased attention a few years later, when Hammer and James Champy published their best-selling book, Reengineering the Corporation.

ERPs helped organizations gain in productivity, by integrating information from different organization areas (e.g. sales, production, accounts receivable, HR, finance etc.), they often require the key organizational processes be redesigned before they are deployed.  That is when the BPR started getting a lot of popularity among organizations deploying ERP software.

ERPs combined with BPR had a good run till the year 2000 (Salesforce was launched round that time). Then came the disruptive trend of cloud computing or SaaS (Software as a Service). Cloud computing because of its agility, low upfront cost (CAPEX Vs OPEX) and ability to deliver technological innovation much faster than aging ERP solutions have become a dream come true for every business leader.

One major aspect that cloud has changed forever is the ability of the organizations to customize the process to their liking. Hence, they have to adapt to the best practice based innovation offered by the cloud products. The scope of doing a BPR has become a thing of the past and is a very politically incorrect word to use in the contemporary business conversation.

The core of your business success depends on your HCM and other integrated processes. But this is often the one of the most neglected areas. All the Cloud HCM vendors like SuccessFactors focus heavily on a technology based process transformation. In our experience we have noticed that to take advantage of the best practices and innovations offered by SuccessFactors you need to know what and how you’re future “To Be” process based on SuccessFactors will look like.

This will enable you to plan for the change and socialize the change through an effective change management process. This is one of the main reasons why cloud processes adaptation in many organizations remain very low. We can look at standardizing your HCM processes and map your processes to SuccessFactors cloud based best practices early in the project as part of our “Strategic Implementation Pre-Planning (SIPP)” or otherwise as a standalone “Process Standardization” effort, much before you see them in the system.


HCM Health Check & Roadmap

Human Resources (HR) is at the center of this global revolution—involved in both acquiring,retaining, developing and deploying talent necessary to achieve business goals of the organization.Rapid advances in cloud technologies brings innovations faster and changes the way leading organizations are delivering on the promise of a global world class HR organization..

To take advantage of all these, the Organizations first need to understand the health of their HR function. That is where Renew HR’s HCM Health Check can help. HCM Health Check can be defined as a holistic overview of six dimensions of client’s existing HR organization. The six dimensions are Business Strategy, Processes, Service delivery, People, Organization and Technology.

Based on your health check discussions and feedback received during assessment sessions, you could device your HR Roadmap for future. You need to build a robust HR Roadmap which will survive the test of time in this fast changing cloud world where 4 quarterly upgrades sometimes brings in innovations and changes much faster than anybody can comprehend.

A HCM Roadmap is designed to develop a high level plan for an organization in terms of its overall HR delivery, learning enablement and/or human capital positioning. It should focus on the following criteria:

•  Business and goal driven
•  Simplify your HCM Environment
•  Enable flexibility, adaptability and innovation
•  Ensure relevance and alignment – Keep pace with the vendor innovation
•  People before process
•  Capitalize on shared technology foundations
•  Minimize data and regulatory exposure risk


SuccessFactors Test Automation.

Over the last 10 years we are seeing a consistent and deliberate move to the cloud. It’s not just a fad—the shift from traditional software models to the cloud is steadily gaining momentum. Salesforce, Workday and Successfactors are making it viable and lucrative for organizations to move to the cloud.

With the development of cloud computing many challenges faced during ERP implementations have been eliminated. The turn around time for projects are shorter and implementations are cost effective. This makes the organization’s transformational goals more realistic and value realization much faster.

Automated testing has now become an achievable dream this has led to the reduction in costs and labor, as a result it is becoming a real value proposition for the organizations using cloud based computing software’s like Salesforce, Workday or SuccessFactors. The main core reason behind this proposition is that the cloud software is built on the best practices and is configurable and not customizable. Hence, it makes more sense to automate the entire testing process.

Automated software testing is a process in which software tools execute pre-scripted tests on a software application before it is released into production. The objective of automated testing is to simplify as much of the testing effort as possible with a minimum set of scripts.

We at Renew HR, want to take advantage of automated testing for SuccessFactors to a totally different level. We are combining our knowledge base of test cases and scenarios for all of SuccessFactors with the Tosca Testsuite of Tricentis.


We selected Tricentis Tosca over other test automation tools available in the market as we felt Tosca with it no script and Model based Test Automation is the latest innovation in the testing landscape. We have followed test expert Mike Cohn’s test automation pyramid as a suitable guideline for determining which tests to automate first.2

We have built our “Packaged based test automation” tool in such a way that for small and medium businesses, the client hardly has to spend any time or effort in building test cases and scenarios and should be able to test 80-95% of their SuccessFactors implementations out of the box.

For Large Enterprise clients this would be the starting point for additional unique test cases and scenarios to be built on top of the out of the box package. All in all we are planning to reduce 2/3 of the testing time and effort with our “Packaged automation tool”. This will help the client during implementation, quarterly upgrades and a steady state where it will act as a QA tool.

In an era of highly interactive and responsive software processes where many organizations are using some form of Agile methodology, test automation is frequently becoming a requirement for software projects. Test automation is often the answer. Test automation means using a software tool to run repeatable tests against the application to be tested. For regression testing this provides that responsiveness.

There are many advantages to test automation. Most are related to the repeatability of the tests and the speed at which the tests can be executed. Test automation has specific advantages for improving the long-term efficiency of a software team’s testing processes. Test automation supports:

  • Frequent regression testing
  • Rapid feedback to developers
  • Virtually unlimited iterations of test case execution
  • Support for Agile and extreme development methodologies
  • Disciplined documentation of test cases
  • Customized defect reporting
  • Finding defects missed by manual testing

Cloud Application Management Services (CAMS)

To achieve the real value of SuccessFactors is to take advantage of the continuous innovation that the product offers through multiple upgrades (i.e., 4 in case of SuccessFactors). Now that brings in its challenges of maintaining the system post go live. You need to not only maintain what you have already implemented but also explore the possibilities of implementing the new features and functionalities coming out of new releases applicable to your organization. That is where lies the difficulty of not disrupting what is there and quickly analyze and implement the new features and functionalities. It’s also likely that your business will grow, there would be acquisition and mergers and your integrations and configurations will need to change with you.

Just like our SuccessFactors Implementation services (SuccessFactors-In- A-Box) we have applied the concept of “Design Thinking” to our support services as well and have come up with a simple, easy to understand and minimalistic approach suitably names “Support-In- A-Box”. We have observed that unlike the traditional approaches where you create a FTE (Full time equivalent) based model to support, we have created “bucket of hours” based approach where we articulate what exactly is included in the bucket of hours that you are purchasing from us. This includes SuccessFactors module expertise involved in delivering the services (based on what you choose from our support service models) you only pay for what is relevant to you and you know that upfront. We have also differentiated between pure support tasks, mini projects/upgrades and larger projects (i.e., adding additional features and functionalities). You also get updates about your support tickets online to understand how we performing based on the agreed upon SLAs.

Various Options under our “Support-In- A-Box” Structure
Renew HR offers a broad spectrum of SuccessFactors application support services from advisory to maintenance and enhancements that help you manage new features and functionality. Our different levels of SuccessFactors product support ensures that your SuccessFactors investment stays in alignment with your business objectives. It is important to note here the fact that we have created our services to co-exist with whichever level of support you have purchased from SAP SuccessFactors.Support-In- A-Box
4               • Maintenance and Support Hours – Can be divided into Monthly or Quarterly hours depending on SLA
               • Expiration Rule for Maintenance and Support – Depends on SLA
               • We apply a discount of 33% on our Hourly rate for Existing Customers.

HR Reporting and Analytics

There are a lot of statistics which says that companies spend less than one percent of their business intelligence budget on HR Analytics. Whereas HR (organization’s workforce labor expense) making up, on average, 31 percent of a company’s total operating costs, the assumption is that this should be one of the top three funding areas.

The other functions of the organizations have been able quantify the need of analytics for their function by a business case by showing that their analytics initiatives lead to actions that the business must take and/or didn’t know about before, but unfortunately HR struggles to do this for themselves.

The need of the hour is for HR to demonstrate its ability take actionable analytics quantify a business case such as increasing sales, competitors stealing customers, reducing spending, improving productivity, or even meeting federal laws. The current model for today’s human capital management (HCM) analytics just does not provide that strong, credible “business driver” for investment.
SAP’s BW/BI on HANA and SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics (WFA) can help. There are various other tools such as Online Report Designer (ORD), Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool (BIRT), Dashboard 2.0 etc. along with SuccessFactors WFA can help you to solve your HR Analytics problems.
We can help you to device your HR Analytics strategy and build your KPIs and measures for your business.

Testing Services

Our testing strategy ensures that your HR cloud solution – SuccessFactors, works as per standard and as configured for business needs. The testing needs to ensure the product meets the quality standards as assured by SAP.
We follow a robust and accelerated strategy which takes a holistic end to end view of all dimensions including constraints, time and effort consuming areas in the full testing lifecycle. The strategy provides efficiency and overall productivity thereby maximizing your investment

We used our proprietary test Automation tool to automate most of the unit, functional, integration and UAT as much as possible and desirably. The focus of testing is always kept on the standard functionalities and multiple use case scenarios which are critical to the business processes.

Cloud Integration Practice

Cloud services such as SuccessFactors has brought in a lot of innovation and simplicity in the HCM process and user experience area but it has also brought along with it a lot of challenges with the integration space. When we are looking at integration we normally look at integration within HCM space (e.g., between core and talent), intra company integration (e.g., between finance, sales etc.) and outside world (e.g., BCBS, ADP etc.) for every organization. Add to these mix the organization may have an integration solution or middleware which may or may not be recommended by the product vendor i.e., SuccessFactors.

You have two choices either go with a recommended middleware suggested by SuccessFactors or capitalize on your existing investment and use the middleware that you are using for the rest of the company. There are advantages and disadvantages with both the approaches. If you go with SuccessFactors recommended approach (i.e., HCI) then you get a lot of predefined and already build interfaces but you may have to build some expertise separately for HCI if that is not your chosen solution for rest of the enterprise. On the other hand if you use a non-recommended integration tool then though you up front save some cost but on a long term will not be able to take advantage of the innovation coming from SuccessFactors.

Integration is complex and a lot of thought has to be given before you finally decide on the solution and the approach. We at RenewHR do not try to fit a particular solution or approach at every client place but suggest what would be a better fit for the organization after a proper due diligence.

Renew HR SHARP Rapid-Deployment Solution for SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite

Implementations still suffer from the same basic problems they always have: unclear and confusing SOWs, seemingly arbitrary milestones unconnected to the actual progress; clearly defined completion criteria; and the major: everything you need seems to be an “extra”. We applied “Design Thinking” to the problem of SuccessFactors Implementations , resulting in simple, nimble and agile model which not only is fast but also allows you to take full advantage of the continuous innovations coming your way in each quarterly releases from SuccessFactors, our one-stop, menu-priced, implementation scope and delivery approach that’s simple enough to let you choose what you want to implement, lets you know exactly what we will do, what you need to do, when things will happen, and (importantly) exactly how much it will all cost!

Our SHARP Rapid Deployment Solution, a SAP-qualified rapid-deployment solution based on SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite offers implementation packages which are aligned by modules, with ‘add on’ packages available to enhance your implementation scope. If you already have some SuccessFactors modules installed, we require an initial ‘health check’ to confirm yourconfiguration, and check if any modifications are required to your existing platform to accommodate new modules. Any modifications required will be discussed and priced according to our menu of services. New modules will be priced per our ‘al la carte’ menu.

Renew HR SHARP Rapid-Deployement Solution for SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite (LGB and UGB market)


 *please call us for pricing, the final price and timeline will depend on size, complexity and the model of delivery.

We extended “Design Thinking” approach with implementation itself, to eliminate bottlenecks and get rid of project bloat. We offer virtual design workshops, using google tools like hangouts, sheets, and docs to collaborate, whiteboard, and record when and where it’s convenient for YOU, avoiding travel overheads of time and money for all of us. We offer the same service to run demo walkthroughs, sharing the live application, and capturing your comments collaboratively – we even let you update the shared client notes document online in real time, giving you direct control of what we capture.

We still believe in the value of human connection, but we make those connections more effective and valuable: we run onsite ‘engagement workshops’ on RENEWAL our design thinking inspired approach to implementation design. We combine ‘kick off’ with some real learning about your most important challenges, and also help you learn how to leverage the power of virtual tools to accelerate collaboration and interaction. Participants can then take advantage of their new RENEWAL skills in subsequent online workshops and meetings – for this project, and for others! That’s the real power of RENEWAL.

Strategic HCM

The terms training, learning, human capital management, competency management, and employee development are terms have come in and out of favor as trends change and new buzzwords are coined. No matter what you call it, these terms are all nuances of the same issues:

  • How do you provide your employees with the skills and knowledge necessary to perform their job?
  • How do you keep up with the constantly changing skill and knowledge requirements as processes and practices change?
  • How do you identify the best candidates for open positions and how do you close the gap between current capability and needed capability?
  • How do you provide the skills and knowledge to perform jobs your employees wish to move up or over for?
  • How do you provide avenues for employee development?
  • How do you establish and maintain data to insure compliance with different and often overlapping regulations?

Collectively, these issues point to the need for Design Thinking when analyzing your HCM strategy as well as your software implementation. In the past, these questions have been answered using multiple management systems and with little, if any, data sharing between them. The tools available today break down the old barriers and allow you to look at your HCM strategy from a more holistic view. But that requires a different way of thinking about HCM and how it relates to what your company needs and how it wants to grow in the future. RenewHR’s HCM practice can help your company tackle these issues with consulting on the right mix of instructional delivery, access to content, secure recordkeeping, and skill and knowledge roadmapping.

We also understand that, in order for HR to move from being a necessary cost center to an integral part of corporate strategy, you have to show how your HCM processes are directly relatable to corporate strategic goals and projects. With RenewHR’s holistic approach to HCM, we can help identify the metrics that can provide meaningful data to all levels of management. We can help you discover and report on the cost savings inherent in a well-implemented HCM strategy. We can help you become an internal strategic partner by providing information about the time and process needed to bring teams up to speed on new initiatives.
However, the data and processes used for HCM can have a reach far beyond what most companies identify HCM with. HCM data can support other HR efforts such as job position description maintenance, recruiting, compensation, succession planning, and much more. HCM data can help support performance management initiatives by providing targeted training or other needed information at the right time. HCM data can help identify internal subject matter experts that can act as resources for strategic planning. Our experts can help your company leverage the information you are already managing into a strategic asset.

Process Standardization

The core of your business success depends on your HCM and other integrated processes. But this is also the most often the neglected area. All the Cloud HCM vendors in their eager ness to sale their products focusses heavily on a technology based process transformation. In our experience we have noticed that to take advantage of the best practices and innovations offered by cloud vendors you need to know what and how you’re “To Be” process will look like in a new and changed environment. This will enable you to plan for the change and socialize the change through an effective change management process. This is one of the main reasons why cloud processes adaptation in many organizations remain very low. We can look at standardizing your HCM processes and build your “To Be” processes much before you see them in the system.

Digital HR

The ever changing technologies and data (e.g., digital world) has an impact on human resources professionals like never before. They are realizing that this trend is not a passing trend but a reality which is here to stay.
Even though HR is slow in reacting to the changes around us but it is aware that the key competencies driving business results today are dependent on how best an organization understands and makes use of integrated talent management, workforce planning and its comfort with social networking and overall HR technology.
As organizations and businesses are evolving and trying to ride the technological innovations wave the following workplace challenges will continue to change human resources as a function and HR Professionals in general.

Early Adoption

There is a lot which is changing around us and at a much faster rate than ever before.The technological innovation in the HR field over the last 5 years has been rapidly progressive that it overshadows the cumulative changes that have happened in the past 35 years.

At the heart of technological adaptation and automation is the desired business outcome. The successful organization’s will understand their business needs (varies by type of business and industry) for a technology solution and adapt/automate what is essential for them to be competitive in a workplace.

Social Integration, Training and Change Management

Technology adaptation by line managers determines the success or failure of an organizations ability to embrace the technology innovation/automation. Many of these challenges come down to the effective use of change management where communication plays a large role in leveraging the digital space. For organization’s to move into digital space smoothly emphasis should be laid on management and leadership training to ensure line managers are able to effectively convey expectations and outcomes.

Big Data, Information and Insight

Digital HR and automation, if not planned effectively creates a lot of data that is scattered across multiple systems and in varied formats which can make it difficult for most organizations to provide a clear picture of their current workforce. The road to information and insight from the trillions of data created everyday by core HR, Talent and other social integration is difficult and should be carefully thought about before one embarks on this journey.
The advances in in-memory computing, big data platforms and packaged analytics (predictive or prescriptive as the case maybe and embedded or otherwise) helps organizations to use the data to take efficient, accurate and fact based business decisions. Our Digital HR offering can help you to take the right decision for your Organizations.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking as a concept can be used for practically any problem solving situation. Traditionally, it has been used extensively in ERP based projects for user experience space. The question that we are always asked is if there is an applicability of “Design Thinking” principle and practices in places where a client has  decided to implement a cloud solution specifically in the HR space. Our view is that yes, certainly “Design Thinking” has a role to play in the HR cloud world where the convergence of People and “human centered” experiences happens.
SuccessFactors have plenty of world class innovations in the Talent Management space and HR becomes a serious facilitator to this process by understanding “Design Thinking” concepts HR can understand, innovate and implement the core of Talent Management which is competencies, goals, leadership, incentives, succession, performance and team building. HR thus plays a very important role in providing the environment that lets people work in a Design Thinking mode.

Much before you plan to implement SuccessFactors Talent Management suite you should try to use “Design Thinking” to address the following:
• How to retain talent?
• How to use social tools for people learning?
• How to use effective onboarding to make newer employees more productive quickly after hiring?
• How to create employee bonding and brand creation through social learning and communication channel?
• How to make performance appraisal a feedback mechanism rather than a punitive process?

Design Thinking to help “work place experience” not “user experience”

For a long time building the “User experience” for the employees was one of the main drivers for the HR organizations but with the advent of cloud based solution like SuccessFactors which has invested a lot of research and effort to make the user experience for the employees as close to the consumer grade as possible.  HR designs the “Work place experience” where most of the employees spend a better part of the day, hence is extremely important for all of them. Designing a conducive and inviting workplace experience that are sustainably responding to some of people’s most important needs (motivation, inspiration, challenge, learning, performance etc…) is a challenging task and can use some structured “Design Thinking” methods.

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