Brad Cooper

Practice Director, Learning and HCM


Brad has been a visionary thought leader in the field of learning and training management strategy for over 25 years.His experience with functionality design and training analysis gave him the opportunity to fundamentally re-think the ways companies of all types can use a powerful training management system to improve their training, learning, and employee development capability.

After several years of research and discussion, he and a partner developed a paradigm for managing training that would satisfy the needs of most, if not all, event-based training management needs. That paradigm became the core of the Plateau Learning Management System (SuccessFactors LMS).His experiences in leading the advancements in learning management systems and in helping customers use their systems to their greatest advantage provides him with a unique perspective on how to manage training, especially for the complex world of regulated training.At Renew HR, Brad’s role is to make sure organization are able to take advantage of the overall HCM strategy which includes talent, learning and core HR.