Implementations still suffer from the same basic problems they always have: unclear and confusing SOWs, seemingly arbitrary milestones unconnected to the actual progress; clearly defined completion criteria; and the major: everything you need seems to be an “extra”. We applied “Design Thinking” to the problem of SuccessFactors Implementations , resulting in simple, nimble and agile model which not only is fast but also allows you to take full advantage of the continuous innovations coming your way in each quarterly releases from SuccessFactors, our one-stop, menu-priced, implementation scope and delivery approach that’s simple enough to let you choose what you want to implement, lets you know exactly what we will do, what you need to do, when things will happen, and (importantly) exactly how much it will all cost!

Our SHARP Rapid Deployment Solution, a SAP-qualified rapid-deployment solution based on SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite offers implementation packages which are aligned by modules, with ‘add on’ packages available to enhance your implementation scope. If you already have some SuccessFactors modules installed, we require an initial ‘health check’ to confirm yourconfiguration, and check if any modifications are required to your existing platform to accommodate new modules. Any modifications required will be discussed and priced according to our menu of services. New modules will be priced per our ‘al la carte’ menu.

Renew HR SHARP Rapid-Deployement Solution for SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite (LGB and UGB market)


 *please call us for pricing, the final price and timeline will depend on size, complexity and the model of delivery.

We extended “Design Thinking” approach with implementation itself, to eliminate bottlenecks and get rid of project bloat. We offer virtual design workshops, using google tools like hangouts, sheets, and docs to collaborate, whiteboard, and record when and where it’s convenient for YOU, avoiding travel overheads of time and money for all of us. We offer the same service to run demo walkthroughs, sharing the live application, and capturing your comments collaboratively – we even let you update the shared client notes document online in real time, giving you direct control of what we capture.

We still believe in the value of human connection, but we make those connections more effective and valuable: we run onsite ‘engagement workshops’ on RENEWAL our design thinking inspired approach to implementation design. We combine ‘kick off’ with some real learning about your most important challenges, and also help you learn how to leverage the power of virtual tools to accelerate collaboration and interaction. Participants can then take advantage of their new RENEWAL skills in subsequent online workshops and meetings – for this project, and for others! That’s the real power of RENEWAL.