SuccessFactors has been a refreshing change for all those millions of customers who were always looking for a simple, nimble, flexible, user friendly and innovative solution. Unlike ERPs which cater to a certain segment of customers, SuccessFactors addresses all companies across all industries, all geographies and of all sizes.

SuccessFactors is not customizable like on premise software’s were but it is configurable to meet even the most challenging of client business requirements. SAP’s Activate methodology is agile yet rigorous to ensure that projects are well-planned and executed, leading to a successful deployment with considerable short term and long-term benefits.

We always look at every SuccessFactors Implementation as an Organizational Transformation process by which an organization evolves its services and processes for the entire organization. However, true transformation is only possible if there is transformation and alignment of all possible areas of the HR organization. This is precisely the reason why we have created a diagram to show which aspects are required for a true transformation

Renew HR’s “Strategic Implementation Pre-Planning (SIPP)” borrows heavily from organizations “HCM Health Check” results to understand the current organizational situation and takes valuable input from the organizations forward thinking futuristic approach identified through “Design Thinking” . If your organization has not done a “HCM Health Check” before the decision to implement SuccessFactors, we strongly recommend that you do it right now if that is possible.

“Strategic Implementation Pre-Planning” or SIPP helps in solving a lot of implementation related problems beforehand which has the potential to become possible bottlenecks during the implementation. In the days of ERPs the project duration were much longer, hence project teams had a lot of time during the implementation itself to do stake holder alignment, process standardization, organizational goal alignments, data strategy, interface design, service delivery strategy, analytics strategy etc. but the quicker pace at which SuccessFactors solutions are implemented these days does not give the client the option to do these activities during the implementation anymore.

“In a nut-shell SIPP helps you to take certain decisions much before the SuccessFactors Implementation process starts, which will enable you to bring true transformation to your HR organization and will provide a platform to ensure the success of the SuccessFactors deployment”