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Our HR Services offers opportunities for success at every stage of employee engagement

Digital HR Transformation Life-cycle enabled by SuccessFactors

Renew HR
Renew HR

Identifying New Talent

Analytics that draw on diverse data sources, including rich data from social networks, create digital profiles to find top prospective employees.

Outreach via multimedia communications and response tracking via the talent management system. Learn more …

HR Services - Onboarding
HR Services - Onboarding

Onboarding and Mentoring

Design programs that use social media, collaborative tools and user-generated content are used to on-board new employees.

Uses social advanced algorithms to help identify successful mentor-mentee pairing. Learn more …

Renew HR
Renew HR

Pay for Performance

Analytics incorporate detailed financial and performance metrics to calculate the value created by individual employees; findings are used as basis for personalized compensation and incentives. Learn more …
Renew HR
Renew HR

Core HR & Payroll

Our core HR and payroll solutions do much more than store employee information and automate HR processes they also become the backbone of the Talent management system.

They can help you engage employees, contractors, contingent workers, and interns – no matter where they are in the world. Learn more …

Renew HR
Renew HR

Training and Development

Help your workforce hone their skills and grow into leadership roles – with effective and tailored solution for professional development, learning, and succession planning.  Learn more …
Renew HR
Renew HR

Succession and Retention

Data-driven insights help make decisions about how much to invest in retaining an employee and how to help employees manage their careers. . Learn more …
Renew HR
Renew HR

Data based decision making

Digital models of employees tap diverse data sources to identify flight risks who are in danger of leaving their organizations.

Analytics algorithms produce insights based on internal sources and performance metrics or external sources, such as job-market data. . Learn more …

Our HR Services

We offer affordable and scalable, award-winning HR Services

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HR Health check which can be described as a holistic summary of customer’s existing HR organization can help HR who is in the middle of this global revolution—involving acquiring, retaining, developing and deploying talent required to accomplish business goals of the organization.

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Packages offers SMBs the power and functionality of an enterprise level HCM in a scalable package. Renew HR’s package is an integrated solution leveraging SAP market-leading software and innovations, together with Renew HR’s intellectual property and industry experience.

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Role of Change Management - Blog Header

It is very important to understand why Change Management is crucial to an organization’s successful HR Transformation. Change management in cloud projects is entirely different from change management in traditional on-premises (ERP) projects.

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    Very responsive and flexible to my company needs
    Tracy Griffin

    Eden Housing, Sr. Human Resources Manager

    Renew HR was a stellar partner to work with. They rapidly understood our business need and the limitations the school had as a Delaware state entity. We were able to complete the project in a timely m...Read More
    Riccardo Stoeckicht

    Odyssey Charter School, Campus Operations Officer

    Very responsive and understood exactly what I needed
    Kimberley Robinson

    NARAL Pro-Choice America, Vice President of Human Resources & Operations

    After evaluating various products in the market we finalize on the Recruiting Solution from SAP SuccessFactors as it was the most innovative, had a great roadmap and allowed us to implement what we ne...Read More
    Sunil C

    MintMesh, CTO

    I found working with Renew HR to be a distinct pleasure. My team was handed oversight of the performance evaluation process using SAP SuccessFactors with fairly short notice. We reached out to Sabya a...Read More
    Michael Dismuke

    Eden Housing, Director of Talent and Organizational Development,

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      Our mission is to turn your dreams into reality

      At Renew HR’s SuccessFactors Consuting practice, our purpose is to help the small and mid-size business run better and improve their HR processes and service delivery. We promise to bring SAP SuccessFactors best practices combined with our years of HR domain knowledge to our customers at an affordable price point.

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