ForecastEra's Integrated Planning Suite

ForecastEra Inc‘s integrated planning & analytics approach looks to connect the world of sales, finance, and operations to maximize the ROI of its customers ‘ investments. Their modern planning framework is designed to meet organizational goals.

ForecastEra uses a new approach to sales-driven planning, whereby a business’s CRM is transformed to capture all the inputs needed for accurate financial and operational planning. ForecastEra’s native CRM applications can help improve performance, adoption, collaboration, security, and intelligence across the organization.

With integrated planning & analytics, ForecastEra guarantees to remove redundancy and increase an organization’s productivity.

Forecastera Inc allows companies to spend more time analyzing information and taking corrective action.

Forecastera Inc puts The Latest Recruiting Technology Into Its Recruiters’ and Candidates’ Hands.


  • Identify and attract top and hard-to-get talent with a strategic recruiting solution
  • Create a talent pool for the future
  • Provide an outstanding digital candidate experience
  • Follow all the statutory compliance
  • Reduce the cost of hiring and the use of job boards in the hiring process

Why SAP® SuccessFactors® solutions

  • Regulatory and policy compliance with the SAP® SuccessFactors® recruiting
  • Flexible module rollout that supports prioritized initiatives
  • Consumer-like interface for employees that is intuitive and quick to learn
  • Great mobile experience


  • ForecastEra Inc created a streamlined recruiting process and a truly unique candidate experience
  • Centralized recruiting, facilitating collaboration, and eliminating administrative challenges
  • Streamlined internal posting and employee referral process
  • Streamlined applicant data collection and candidate repository
  • Empower stakeholders with real-time information
  • Make better and faster decisions with recruiting analytics