SHARP Customer Support-In- A-Box

SAP SuccessFactors Customer Support (Post-Go-Live) Packages

Renew HR’s SAP SuccessFactors customer support ensures that your SuccessFactors investment stays aligned with your business objectives. To achieve the real value of SuccessFactors, you need to take advantage of the continuous innovation that the product offers through multiple upgrades (i.e., 4 Quarterly releases in a year). Now, that brings in its challenges of maintaining the system post-go-live. You need to not only preserve what you have already implemented but also explore the possibilities of implementing the new features and functionalities coming out of new releases applicable to your organization.

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Renew HR

SAP SuccessFactors Customer Support Challenges

Some of the most common challenges faced by all organizations, but specifically small and mid-size organizations because of their lack of resources, are the following:

  • ROI: The ROI is primarily based on system adaptability post-implementation. As most organizations (read principally small and mid-sized organizations) do not use effective change management and adequate training for the employees, it leads to challenges in doing their job in the system post-go-live.
  • Ineffective help-desk services: Most of the small and mid-sized organizations are not used to handling sophisticated systems. Typically,  many of their old processes are manual or run on systems, which were way too simple, which usually translates into them not being used to the culture of support help desk services.
  • Turnovers of critical resources: Unlike large organizations, in small and mid-size organizations, the system administration knowledge is limited to a couple of resources only. If some of them decide to go, then the knowledge and experience go with them as well.
  • Peak time help: Some of the HR processes like performance and goals setting, compensation, recruiting, etc. has an annual window where most of the activities have to be finished, and organizations do need a helping hand on the system side so that the HR and managers focus on the job at hand.
  • Quarterly releases: Organizations decide to go for the best-in-class systems like SuccessFactors so that they can take advantage of the innovations coming their way in the form of quarterly releases. This means that they need resources to make sure that the new updates do not disrupt what is already implemented and quickly analyze and implement the new features and functionalities as and when they release.
  • You may not have technical resources: It’s also likely that as your business grows, acquisitions and mergers happen. This means that your integrations and configurations will need to change over time.

Our Approach To SAP SuccessFactors Customer Support

Just like in our SuccessFactors implementation, we have applied the concept of Design Thinking to our support services as well. We have come up with a simple, easy-to-understand, and minimalistic-approach SAP SuccessFactors Customer Support, suitably named SHARP Support-In- A-Box.

Renew HR’s SHARP Support-in-a-box is a model that offers post-go-live, SAP SuccessFactors customer support. It provides tailored, HR advisory and SuccessFactors’ functional, technical, and administrative post-go-live support to SAP SuccessFactors’ customers in the form of three different post-go-live packages (see attached image for details).

We at Renew HR believe that you, as a customer, should focus on your business and let us handle the day-to-day upkeep of the system.

Renew HR

SHARP Support-in-a-box post-go-live, SAP SuccessFactors Customer Support solution was created, keeping small to mid-sized customers in mind. Therefore, you have the full choice of selecting a customized solution that fits your specific needs and budget.

Unlike the traditional approaches, where you create an FTE (Full-time equivalent) based model for post-go-live support, we have designed bucket of hours based approach. In this approach,  we articulate precisely what is included in the bucket of hours that you are purchasing from Renew HR.

We have also differentiated between pure support tasks, mini-projects/upgrades, and more significant projects (i.e., adding additional features and functionalities). You also get updates about your support tickets online to understand how we are performing based on the agreed-upon SLAs.

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SAP SuccessFactors Support - Co-existence

It is important to note here that we have created our support services to co-exist with whichever level of support you have purchased from SAP and your internal support team (i.e., if you have one).

Like everything else at Renew HR, our post-go-live support is non-traditional. We let you choose how much help you want or need. You can choose to fix it yourself with help from the SuccessFactors community or your administrators. Alternatively, you can also submit a ticket with us where an expert will resolve it for you. If we need to reach out to SAP for their customer support, we will do that for you as well.

Renew HR’s support process is entirely automated, online and SLA-driven. We only consider the issue fixed when you say so or close the ticket by yourself.

We let you focus on your primary objective of managing your work force by maintaining your system for peak performance