SHARP SuccessFactors SAP Packages

SuccessFactors SAP Implementation Packages

After seeing a considerable amount of interest in our SHARP SuccessFactors SAP Packages (SAP Qualified Partner Packages), we have taken the next step forward to make similar solutions available on SAP App Center. This is to help our SMB customers enjoy a quick and enhanced digital experience of buying both software licenses and services.

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Renew HR

SHARP SuccessFactors SAP Packages Can Help

Where off-the-shelf HCM systems can be quickly outgrown, sophisticated solutions like SuccessFactors can service your small businesses from the startup stage through to the enterprise level.

The fact that SAP SuccessFactors has an ecosystem that extends beyond core HCM and Talent Management solutions (and into areas like ERP, CRM, Supply Chain, Analytics, and more) also makes it a smart choice for SMBs that want to build out comprehensive systems to service their entire business.

We have applied the concept of Design Thinking to the SuccessFactors Packages Implementations. This leads to a smooth, nimble, and agile model, which not only is fast but also allows you to take full advantage of the continuous innovations coming your way in each quarterly release from SuccessFactors.

SAP SuccessFactors dominates the SaaS HCM market because it can be scaled and customized to meet the needs of a diverse range of businesses. SAP SuccessFactors’ modern UX is intuitive enough to use and very little training is necessary for non-admin users. Navigation within SAP SuccessFactors is easy too.

Our one-stop, fixed cost, fixed scope, fixed timeline execution approach is straightforward enough to allow you to choose precisely what you need to implement. SHARP SuccessFactors Packages, an SAP-qualified package, offers implementation packages that are aligned with related modules. ‘Add-on’ packages are also available to enhance your solution based on the scope.

SuccessFactors SAP Packages - 4 Flexible Options For Your Business

If you already have some SuccessFactors modules installed, then we need an initial ‘health check’ to verify your configuration and assess if any alterations are necessary to your current platform to adopt new modules.

Since SAP SuccessFactors regularly works with enterprise-level clients whose needs are specific and numerous, small and medium-sized businesses can rest assured that SuccessFactors, along with Renew HR has enough consultation services and knowledge base available to assist with any level of configuration needed for your business, maintaining an affordable price point.

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Any modifications needed will be discussed and priced according to our menu of services. New modules will be priced as per our ‘al la carte’ menu.

Please contact us for pricing. The final price and timeline will depend on the size, complexity, and mode of delivery.

Renew HR

Working Smart

Renew HR offers virtual design workshops using Google tools like hangouts, sheets, and docs to collaborate, whiteboard, and record when and where it is convenient for you. We offer the same service to conduct presentation walkthroughs, sharing the live application, and capturing your remarks collaboratively.

We firmly believe in the value of human relationships, but we make those connections more efficient and valuable by running onsite ‘engagement workshops’ as required.

SuccessFactors Packages - Digital Buying

We at Renew HR would like to make your digital buying experience a more straightforward, seamless online shopping experience. We are like any other e-tailer, except that we want to enable the purchase of some of the world’s most sophisticated business offerings from SAP, including software licenses, content, analytics, and education-related services.

Keep this thought in mind; we decided to list our implementation services at SAP App Center. Additionally, you can buy software licenses from the SAP Store. This is our way to make it easy for SMB customers, allowing them to take advantage of solutions typically available only to larger businesses.

You can browse, search by category, filter by industry, or line of business, then purchase the solution. Purchases can be made with a credit card, after which you can download and start your implementation process instantaneously.

Three of the SAP SuccessFactors packages Solutions are added to SAP’s growing portfolio of Digitally Transactable Offerings.

Sign up for a 15-minute guided tour of SAP SuccessFactors solution, to chat with an expert or purchase one of our packages online.

Our packages have made tier 1 solutions like SuccessFactors affordable for SMB customers