Michael Dismuke

I found working with Renew HR to be a distinct pleasure. My team was handed oversight of the performance evaluation process using SAP SuccessFactors with fairly short notice. We reached out to Sabya and his team for help. Renew HR jumped right in getting our team up to speed quickly. Their customer service and timely response times were excellent. Their knowledge of the system was top-notch. They educated about many of the different features through a series of helpful video calls. Addedly, they were generous with ideas on how best to implement in a way that matched our needs. Our system administrator’s hand was held until they could “walk on their own” in the system. What a feeling of relief!

We were able to launch our annual performance process on time. Our company’s review process was the best it has ever been with a high degree of end-user satisfaction. Renew HR helped us meet our goals. I highly recommend Renew HR.

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Delta Surge Vs. Job Market: Progress amidst Pandemic

Pandemic has been part of our lives for more than one year now. While the first wave disrupted every industry leading to havoc loss in the job market, it is a sigh of relief that the job market is progressing amidst the delta surge. As per the job report by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (August 2021), the job market has slowed down yet continued showing significant progress despite the Covid surge in July and August.