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Training for SAP SuccessFactors - What are the Key Objectives

Training for SAP SuccessFactors is essential for successful, post-implementation user adaptation. What makes SAP SuccessFactors implementations unique is the significant scale change in business processes, which it inspires along with a shift in user interfaces and procedures.

An SAP SuccessFactors implementation is a whirlwind of change. SuccessFactors does not merely replicate the existing business processes but brings significant process improvements and changes.

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The magnitude of this change requires significant attention. This is often underestimated, and it can easily be overlooked as the configuration effort absorbs time and resources like a sponge. However, organizations cannot forget that go-live is not the goal, but adaptability and business performance is.

Want to see a return on your SAP SuccessFactors investment? Train your employees! Training for SAP SuccessFactors is critical for long-term end-user adoption. Don’t allow your SuccessFactors implementation to fail because you didn’t train your team.

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Training for SAP SuccessFactors - Our Approach

To achieve the desired result, employee training within the change management process plays a significant role. Renew HR University was created with the sole objective of helping customers to maximize their ROI by the effective adoption of SuccessFactors applications.

Renew HR University provides training that is specially designed for your organization. Our training content is not “one-size-fits-all.” For each company we work with, we tailor the content by incorporating screenshots of your SuccessFactors configuration so that we reinforce your business processes (see the image for more details).

Your SAP SuccessFactors Training Your Way

We strongly believe that training and learning in SuccessFactors engagements is a lifecycle event. Our Training for SAP SuccessFactors offerings (please click on the above image to know more) are scalable and flexible enough to accommodate small and mid-size companies’ requirements.

Every customer situation is different, and so would be their approach to learning and training. Based on the customer requirement, we help develop the training materials (Quick Reference Guide (QRG), User Guide, and any other forms of documentation) and deliver the selected (please click on the above image to know more) training specifically built for the customer.

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We predominantly work with SMB organizations. Hence, just like our implementation packages, our training and documentation are also flexible, scalable, and cost-effective.

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Subscription-based SuccessFactors Learning™ By Renew HR

More and more companies are looking for flexible training solutions to keep their employees trained across multiple departments and for one or more job roles. Renew HR has created a no-risk unlimited SuccessFactors subscription based-learning, as part of Renew HR University Offering, which consists of all SuccessFactors’ product training and any technical training needed for your administrators.

An always-online reference library with modular content that you can use to reference the information you need. Just in time for the specific process, you’re working on an always available solution, no matter where you are or when you’re there.

User training as part of the overall Change Management Strategy is crucial for your success, we can help