What is learning management system?

What is Learning Management System? LMS are mostly expected to develop, monitor, and deliver learning experiences and content to employees to improve employee skills and productivity.

Learning content ranges from traditional classroom instruction to online learning objects and mentoring.

Learning management systems are increasingly getting integrated with employee performance management to prescribe developmental activities and get rid of skills gaps or gaps in performance.

As almost every industry faces a scarcity of resources in this fast-evolving economic, business, and technological situation, it is business imperative to tie talent strategies to business goals and outcomes. Learning management has helped evolve the concept of integrated talent management solutions.

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What do LMS mean? Influence of Technology on LMS

Internet and technology have opened up a whole new world for learners that a couple of decades ago, simply put, did not exist. As organizations are becoming global with a diverse workforce working on different geographies and time zones, technology today has made learning content accessible to all.

It has also resulted in the expansion of borders, opening up the markets for disabled employees (ADA and 504 compliance), part-time employees and employees in smaller companies, among others. Internet, technology, and mobility play the role of facilitator in the overall learning process. They enrich the learning experience, providing options that can accommodate learners in their quest to learn.

Using technology to facilitate employee learning has come with many positive benefits. Learners have the option of picking and choosing the medium of learning, types of content, timeline, immediate access to learning content which has helped the learning process come out of its traditional outlook. Learning and technology have leveled the playing field in many ways.

Companies that embrace a culture of learning outperform the competition. With SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management Systems, organizations can improve employee skills, reduce compliance risk, and effectively train external learning audiences.

SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management Systems provides innovative capabilities that help create a culture of continuous learning, flexible and open approaches to supporting learning content, and proven business results in organizations around the world.

Developing Employee Skills

Performance and learning are closely interlinked. Performance management helps organizations to achieve their strategic objectives and goals while learning allows employees to achieve the objectives and goals set for them. When performance improves then the organization as a whole achieves its strategic objectives.

In order to improve organizational performance, organizations develop sets of competencies which are essential for employees at the individual level and at the corporate level. Competencies enable employees to perform their job to the best of their ability. Learning helps fill up the competency gap through learning programs and courses.


Another essential aspect of the performance review process is to identify the Individual Development Plans (IDPs) for all the employees. Organizations can support their employees’ IDPs through  Learning Management Systems by personalizing learning paths, making learning available at the moment of need, promoting social learning, and monitoring the progress using dashboards and reports.

SAP SuccessFactors Learning offers blended learning capabilities which in turn provide clear, compelling career paths to retain employees better, ensure the alignment of development goals with learning activities assisting curing of performance gaps, set competency-based development goals to reduce turnover and upskill the workforce.


Improve regulatory compliance and reduce legal risk through LMS

In an ever-changing and complex legal and regulatory environment, compliance training is a must-have. Hence, organizations would always need an intuitive and reliable learning management systems platform that is available anywhere, at any time and on any device. The primary purpose of this is to have updated curricula and content ready for the employees to consume when they need it.

Compliance requirements for organizations differ based on the industries, location, equipment, etc. Hence, the ability for organizations to keep track of the progress of the individual employees, groups, department, and the organization as a whole is essential for the overall success of the organization.

SAP SuccessFactors helps to improve regulatory compliance and reduce legal risk through the following features and functionalities :

  • Manage complex certifications with retraining and effective dating
  • Leverage certification and document management capabilities to lower safety incidents
  • Utilize powerful assignment profiles to assign training automatically
  • Provide instant access for managers to see the certification or curricula status of their employees
  • Control the configuration of your e-signature policy and workflow in cases where you require multiple people to sign off on the training completion
  • Develop employee skills extended enterprise environments
  • Compliance and risk configurable tiles on the learning home page are meaningful and easy to understand and navigate
  • View assigned courses in the SAP SuccessFactors through mobile devices

LMS for validated industries

In regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical device manufacturing, and life sciences, Learning Management Systems (LMS) are critical to an organization’s operational success. Learning Management Systems may be deployed for a variety of reasons including career development, sales training, operational training, safety training, partner/supplier training, and customer education. A comprehensive learning solution in these areas can certainly help an organization drive better business results.

However, in FDA regulated industries, compliance is the area that most often comes under scrutiny. Lack of compliance can lead to negative business results such as FDA Form 483 citations. In fact, inadequate training and/or the inability to capture, store and report on training data has resulted in several high profile fines, expensive litigation, and plant shutdowns — resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in losses.


Learning Management Systems must not only manage the volumes of data generated by training efforts to help ensure compliance and avoid negative 483 reports, it must also provide a secure, comprehensive system that supports audit processes (including records storage and electronic signatures), and GxP (i.e., ‘Good Practice’ regulations and guidelines), including FDA 21 CFR Part 11. Moreover, especially within the life sciences/pharmaceuticals industries, the Learning Management Systems must prove that they can do what they say they can do.

SAP SuccessFactors LMS – Validated SaaS With more than 10 years’ experience supporting regulated industries with strict validation requirements, SAP SuccessFactors now provides an optional, Validated SaaS environment for Learning Management System customers.There are two primary components provided within SAP SuccessFactors LMS – Validated SaaS:

  • Premium Multi-Tenant SaaS with Annual Updates – Updates are done once per year, and customers have six months to review and prepare for the upgrade.
    • Patches are only applied if required for stability. Plus, customer-specific extensions and connector changes are only applied to customer-defined deployment schedules.
  • Validated Environment, with IQ Reports and Validation Toolkit
    • IQ Reports provide documented evidence that updates are installed in accordance with
    • SAP SuccessFactors and the customer’s specifications, with a resultant IQ audit report.
    • A Validation Toolkit provides learning software requirements, sample test cases, and OQ templates to assist with the completion of the certification.

Now SAP SuccessFactors offer a validated learning app for iPad and iPhone. This provides the same great benefits as the regular SAP SuccessFactors Learning app.


SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS) is best in class.

Why do we say so? Please check the following significant advantages of SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS) :

  • Create Programs to combine internal and external items and content with supporting self-based training
  • Compliment the formal side of learning with informal capabilities such as blogs, videos, multimedia playlists, QuickGuides, documents, groups, personal workspaces, and tagging
  • Utilize the Open Content Network to provide broad access to expert-created content for partners edX, OpenSesame, lynda.com, Harvard Business Publishing (Harvard ManageMentor), Udacity, Coursera, and openHPI)
  • Learning Accomplishments allow employees to set target learning goals against topics that interest them, and track training against those goals
  • The Learning homepage provides the learning plan, learning history, recommendations, and access to all courses in the Catalog Solution Objectives
    Extended enterprise environments for partners, dealers, franchises, customers, and the extended business network. SAP SuccessFactors helps extended enterprise environment in the following manner:

    • Removes the technical burden of implementing an extended enterprise training solution with a simple, turnkey solution that includes an industry-leading LMS and industry-leading eCommerce
    • Manages courses, schedules, qualifications, exams, and certifications
    • Supports multiple credit card processors integrate to global tax engines and support fraud detection
    • Creates marketing promotions and recommendations in order to highlight courses and increase cart value
  • Provide an “Amazon-like” consumer experience without complex site development
  • The SAP SuccessFactors Learning Marketplace is a modern, simple, and comprehensive learning and commerce solution for external audiences.
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