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The 7 Pillars of HR Leadership – Part 3: Talent Management

In this blog series, we will describe the 7 most pressing challenges, trends, and possible opportunities in front of HR organizations as the enterprises they support to come out of this pandemic and adjust to the ‘new normal’
Both employees and employers would agree that there is a lot of opportunities to improve talent management processes – in particular, those related to talent development and performance management.

Impact Analysis of COVID-19

But the COVID-19 crisis has made it necessary to take action sooner, with traditional goals and KPIs having little applicability in the post-pandemic world.

Almost all goal-setting processes are hugely affected by the crisis, more so because organizations now need to deal with a large number of remote workers.


What can HR do?

HR should relook at enhancing their organization design for resiliency so that it is better able to quickly respond and adapt in a decisive manner in unexpected situations. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

Next-generation models:

HR will need to formalize administrative and management processes for nontraditional employment models. In the past, organization redesigns were focused on streamlining roles, supply chains, and workflows to increase efficiency. However, this makes the organizations fragile and incapable of reacting quickly to changing situations.

Continuous feedback culture:

This is by no means a new trend, however as COVID-19 disrupts all forms of employee engagement, it becomes even more important to continuously engage with employees and recognize the work that they are doing. Recognition in the form of monetary rewards, public acknowledgment, tokens of appreciation, development opportunities, or other low-cost perks can motivate those employees directly involved and creates objectives that employees will be motivated to attain.


It has always been recommended that HR and senior management be transparent with employees, however, in the post-pandemic era, transparency becomes vital. With all the uncertainty surrounding the potential fallout resulting from the pandemic, HR leaders, and professionals to be proactive and consistent with the truth, so that employees are informed, reassured and prepared. Transparency build trust and trust is the foundation for productivity.

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