Why is an HR Health Check Essential For Your Organization?

Regular HR Health checks can help HR organizations, caught up in the middle of this global revolution,acquire, retain, develop and deploy talent required to accomplish the business goals of the organization.

Rapid improvements in cloud technologies (SuccessFactors and others) deliver innovations quicker and alter the way leading organizations are carrying on the promise of a worldwide, world-class HR organization.

To take advantage of all of these,  organizations first have to understand the health of the HR function. That is where Renew HR’s HR Health Check can help.

HR Health check

HR Health Check can be described as a holistic summary of six measurements of the customer’s existing HR organization. The six dimensions are business strategy, processes, service delivery, people, organization and technology.

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Build An HR Roadmap For Your Organization

Based on your HR Health check discussions and feedback received during evaluation sessions, you can devise your HR roadmap for the future.

You will have to construct a robust HR roadmap that endures the test of time, taking into consideration the speed at which innovations occur in the cloud world.

An HR roadmap is intended to develop a high-level strategy for a company regarding its general HR delivery, learning enablement, and human capital positioning. It should focus primarily on the following criteria:

  • Being business and goal-driven
  • Simplifying your HR Environment
  • Enabling flexibility, adaptability, and innovation
  • Ensuring relevance and alignment and keeping pace with the vendor innovation
  • Putting people before the process
  • Capitalizing on shared technology foundations
  • Minimizing data and regulatory exposure risk
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Has your HR processes and technology being health checked?