Blue Matter Consulting is a consulting firm serving the life sciences industry. They strive to bring a new approach to consulting with original ideas that deliver a meaningful impact. BMC is proud to be part of an industry that is pushing the boundaries of science and technology to improve people’s lives.

Blue Matter Consulting’s role is to help clients identify unique insights, generate new ideas, and drive meaningful results to get the most out of their products, portfolios, and teams.

Blue Matter Consulting Transforms its Performance Appraisal Process with SAP SuccessFactors Performance And Goal Management (PMGM)


  • Gain visibility into the workforce and better manage talent
  • Create a performance-based culture
  • Recognize and reward high-performing employees
  • Automate and simplify the performance appraisal process
  • Provide a great user experience (UX) at all employee levels
  • Process standardization by managing employee skills and competencies in the same way across the company

Why SAP SuccessFactors solutions

  • An interface that is intuitive and user-friendly, minimizing training time and encouraging employee adoption
  • Modern design and intuitive look and feel
  • Cloud-based solutions that enable mobile access for managers and employees
  • Enhanced visibility of key information needed by employees and managers
  • Reporting with the SAP SuccessFactors’ Performance & Goals solution to identify high-potential talent


  • BMC increased user adaptability with SAP SuccessFactors
  • Improved employee confidence in the performance management process, owing to better processes with an intuitive user interface
  • Gained the ability to monitor the progress of the performance management cycle
  • Achieved a full overview of all performance goals, as well as insights into whether goals are aligned with business priorities
  • Provided visibility into individual performance, guiding training in areas where improvement is needed and leveraging areas of employee strength
  • Simplified and streamlined employee performance appraisals