Digital HR technology is changing Face of HR

As organizations and companies evolve and ride the HR technology innovation wave, future workplace challenges will continue to alter HR as a function, and HR professionals in general. The ever-changing technology and data (e.g., digital HR Technology) are having a direct impact on human resource professionals unlike ever before. They realize that this tendency isn’t a passing trend but a fact which is here to remain.

Although it has taken HR a while to respond to the changes around it, it has become aware that the key competencies driving business results today are dependent on how an organization knows and uses integrated talent management, workforce planning, and its relationship with social networking and total HR technology.

Digital HR Technology
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Digital HR Technology – The Role of Change Management

There is a lot that is changing around us and at a significantly faster rate than previously. The technological innovation in the HR field during the last five years has overshadowed the cumulative changes that have occurred in the past 25 years.

At the center of technological adaptation and automation is the desired business outcome. Successful organizations understand their business needs and what is required in their technology solution. They then adapt/automate what is essential for them to be competitive in the workplace.

Technological adaptation by line supervisors determines the extent of success or failure of an organization to adapt to technological innovation and automation. A number of these challenges come down to the efficient utilization of change management, where communication plays a significant role in leveraging the digital space.

For an organization to move into the digital HR technology space quickly, emphasis must be laid on leadership and management training to ensure that line managers can effectively communicate expectations and outcomes.

Big Data and HR Analytics

Digital HR technology and automation, if not economically planned, creates an excess of data that is scattered across multiple systems,  in a range of formats. This excess can make it difficult for many organizations to get a clear picture of the current workforce.

The path towards insight and information collection from the trillions of data units created by core HR, talent management, and other societal integration sites daily, is a complex one. Therefore, great care must be taken before one embarks on this journey.

The improvements in in-memory computing, large data systems and HR analytics (predictive or prescriptive as the case might be or an embedded or otherwise) help organizations to use data to make efficient, accurate and fact-based business decisions.

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Give Your HR Transformation Journey A Competitive Edge With Digital HR Technology

As competing for talent in the digital age becomes more challenging, SMB customers are gearing towards using SAP SuccessFactors to bring in the much-desired HR Transformation. Using digital HR tools and approaches, small and midsize companies are finding their competitive edge.

SAP SuccessFactors’s cloud-based human resources software offers seamless integration to create a complete HCM system. It helps SMB organizations streamline global HR processes, win at the recruitment and retention game, train and re-skill their workforce, and take advantage of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) among many other benefits. The fact that so many SMB organizations have implemented SAP SuccessFactors demonstrates how small and medium-sized companies can leverage digital HR Tech tools to recruit, develop, and retain a workforce that helps businesses thrive.

SAP SuccessFactors delivers an exceptional user experience which helps to truly transform the current state. SuccessFactors UX is based on how people actually engage with technology on the Web and mobile devices. It is flexible, easy, and people-centric – and feels tailored to each and every employee.

On top of everything that employee experience management solutions from SAP offer, you have an enterprise-wide system of action that improves the everyday experience of your people. You can address the pressing employee experience gaps of the day while strategically investing in the future. You can measure and analyze employee feedback while closing the loop on feedback that needs immediate action. It has powerful AI and automation surface key insights that empower you to drive your business forward.

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