Top HR Employee Engagement Metrics to Measure Top HR Employee Engagement Metrics to Measure



Top HR Employee Engagement Metrics to Measure

Employee engagement metrics are a Human Resources concept where the aim is to measure the employee's emotional attachment to the company. Employee engagement metrics measure how engaged the company's employees are. It is indicative of their level of dedication and commitment to an organization. How to measure employee engagement? The paper "Psychological Conditions of Personal Engagement and [...]



10 ways to improve your diversity recruiting strategy

Diversity is a topic at the forefront of many human resources teams, but it’s more than just a buzzword to put on recruitment materials. Diverse teams help companies perform better, innovate, and achieve better results. Countless studies back up this strategy, but it’s not just about statistics: diversity recruiting contributes to better overall performance. With a more[...]
Delta Surge Vs. Job Market Progress amidst Pandemic Top HR Employee Engagement Metrics to Measure



Delta Surge Vs. Job Market: Progress amidst Pandemic

Pandemic has been part of our lives for more than one year now. While the first wave disrupted every industry leading to havoc loss in the job market, it is a sigh of relief that the job market is progressing amidst the delta surge. As per the job report by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (August 2021), the job market has slowed down yet continued showing significant progress despite the Covid surge in July and August.

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Finding Success While Working From Home

Even with the best connectivity tools and internet connections, working from home presents unique challenges for employees. There are activities and processes that an e-mail message can’t replace. However, the right HR technology can help.
In this blog, we examine the main challenges to current processes created by remote working and describe how you can configure your HR technology to enhance workflow and improve morale and the overall employee experience.

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Talent management and succession planning challenges for SMBs

Talent Management is all about fulfilling the organization’s business objective by acquiring, developing, and deploying the employees with the highest potential.

The responsibility of HR is to create an environment where these high potential employees can learn, develop, gain on the job experience and progress in their respective careers, with the expectation that some of these employees are destined to play a significant role in the future growth of the organization.