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Finding Success While Working From Home

Even with the best connectivity tools and internet connections, working from home presents unique challenges for employees. There are activities and processes that an e-mail message can’t replace. However, the right HR technology can help.
In this blog, we examine the main challenges to current processes created by remote working and describe how you can configure your HR technology to enhance workflow and improve morale and the overall employee experience.

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Top 10 Employee Retention Best Practices

Effective employee retention requires a set of holistic techniques that adds to the overall growth and productivity of a company. The benefits of employee retention are numerous, and companies are increasingly seeking to inculcate retention practices. Employee retention is more than just keeping employees; it needs to instil a sense of loyalty and commitment as well.

What is Employee Experience



The 7 Pillars of HR Leadership – Part 7: Employee Experience

In this blog series, we will describe the 7 most pressing challenges, trends, and possible opportunities in front of HR organizations as the enterprises they support to come out of this pandemic and adjust to the ‘new normal’.

What is Employee Experience? it is mostly a misunderstood term as it is still in its infancy. Broadly, employee experience refers to everything an employee experiences at work—for example, their interactions with their managers, the tools available for them to complete their work, and the teams they work with. It’s a holistic view of an employee’s experiences as they work at an organization.